13. März 2014

Paris street art by Alternative Paris

A trip through the street art Paris by Alternative Paris

Paris street art is bubbling away at the moment like a fine broth, with a steady gush of new street artworks being pasted, sprayed, stencilled, attached, and chiselled every day. It’s been a passionate summer street art love affair!
Alternative Paris’ mission is to defend the memory of this work, by documenting these artworks, some of which last less than a day.
Here are just a few examples of some of the most active artists at work in the French capital.
streetart, graffiti, Paris, Space Invader
Space Invader
The first example is by France’s most famous street art export, Space Invader. This artwork is situated on the escalator at Barbes Metro station near to Paris’ main railway station Gare du Nord.
Space Invader does just this, invade space, only he does not impose himself. Blink and you may miss his pixelated characters. He has put up 1,000 of his mosaics in Paris alone!

streetart, graffiti, Paris, Ludo

Our second photo is of a wheatpasted work by French artist Ludo, what appears to be a butterfly with a skateboard body! Ludo is obsessed with mincing nature with technology in his art, what he calls his “nature’s Revenge series.
This work was just next to Richard Lenoir Metro, but sadly it got scraped off of the wall the week before last.

Zoo project, streetart, graffiti, Paris
Zoo project
Our third example of Paris street art is by Zoo Project with little green men by Run from France. Both artists are French. Despite having done an immense amount of his philosophical murals around Paris, mainly in the 19th & 20th arrondissements, Zoo Project is totally anonymous. You won’t find much information on him on the internet either. Alternative Paris know that he is half French and half Algerian, and in his early twenties. Apart from that we just know that he produces some of Paris’ most awesome illegal street art. He kind of reminds us of Blu from Bologna in Italy. What do you think?

streetart, graffiti, Paris, Philippe Herard
Philippe Herard

Our final example of street art in Paris is a work by Philippe Herard. Herard is a legendary figure on the Parisian urban art scene and a part of France’s “first generation” of street artists, along with Nemo, Miss Tic (http://www.missticinparis.com/), Jérôme Mesnager (http://mesnagerjerome.free.fr/) & Jef Aérosol (http://www.jefaerosol.com/), to name a few others.

Herard works at lightning speed to produce these works, half made in his studio and pasted up and half made in situ. They typically don’t last more than two or three months on the street before dying from the wind and rain, or getting painted over by the Mairie de Paris.
Alternative Paris is dedicated to documenting Paris’ alternative art and culture scenes. They also share their knowledge via walking and bike tours, and urban art workshops. Check out the Alternative Paris website by going to http://alternativeparis.org/ and follow what’s happening in Paris street art & alternative culture on the Alternative Paris Facebook page by going to http://facebook.com/alternativeparis.